How to Attract, Retain, and Improve Relationships With Your Clients With Ali Cudby

Learn how to maintain a proper relationship with your customers in your business with Ali Cudby. Have your customers keep coming back to you, and have them experience wonderful customer service. Tune in with Ali Cudby to learn more about how to properly maintain your relationship with your customers and further improve it.

Having your own business is not an easy task, you should know how to properly manage and maintain things, but how about your customers? Please find out how to maintain your customers and have them keep returning for more.

Ali Cudby is the CEO and Co-Founder of CXology and Alignment Growth Strategies. She is an expert in enhancing your business’s customer retention. Customers are the number one reason why companies keep going. Learn how to retain them properly.


  • “How people feel drives their decision-making processes”
  • “If you win a customer, and then you don’t keep them, you’re probably serving them at a loss”
  • “Managing expectations of the customer is the number one way that these relationships go awry”
  • “It’s not about the complexity of these processes, it’s about the consistency of them


  • “Customers respond based on how they feel they are treated. Most of their buying decisions is based on how a business treats them.”
  • “Money and revenue come from longevity. Retention is the whole game.”
  • “When it comes to engaging with customers, it all comes down to having clear and consistent processes that employees can follow.”
  • “It’s remarkable how much your staff would appreciate it if you lay out a clear path for them to follow.”
  • “Look at the reality of your company and identify the processes you do and don’t have. Be honest about where you are and consider how you are handling the customer’s experience after the transaction. Would you be excited about this kind of customer experience if it involved someone you value and want to stick around?”
  • “It’s not just about, you had a really amazing experience because somebody was good at their job, Did you have a great experience, because their company said, this is something we want our employees to do consistently for our customers.”


3:57 – Ali Cudby’s Background
7:26 – Ali’s Inspiration
12:17 – Importance of Client Referrals
16:03 – Why Big Companies skip the relationship process
21:31- What companies can do to improve Customer Retention
27:17 – How companies justify Investing in Customer Retention
34:15 – Consistent Process


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