Amazing Strategies to Attract and Keep Customers With Brad Pedersen

Are you confident in giving an unforgettable customer experience? Entrepreneurs mostly forget how critical it is to create a remarkable customer experience and journey. Especially if you are in a direct-to-consumer business, you’ll need to look at your friction points and put a lot of value on your consumers. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Brad Pedersen discuss the value of getting the best and most talented people to your team, the game changer product Lomi, and the relevance of customer experience. Be motivated on how mistakes are needed in order to reach success and that you can turn adversities into advantages.


In a direct-to-consumer business, your consumers will be your most precious things to value. How can you attract your consumers and scale? Discover how customer experience is critical in scaling your business.

Brad Pedersen, CEO, and entrepreneur, understands that customers are the most valuable thing to a direct-to-consumer business. You can influence the consumers greatly and use it to market your brand. Become unique, extraordinary, and remarkable, and leave an unforgettable experience to your consumers now.


  • “It’s up to you as the leader in painting this view of the future and how your company will create a meaningful impact that will attract talented people to get behind what it is you’re trying to achieve.”
  • “The most powerful force in marketing is word of mouth.”
  • “In the direct-to-consumer space, the most valuable is the customer.”
  • “Your challengers are there to build your character, and your adversities can be turned into advantages.”
  • “We don’t learn from success real well. We learned from failing.”


  • Get the best talent. And if you hire the right people, they’re free. Because the value they create will be so amazing that whatever you pay them doesn’t matter.
  • Putting a high-talent-density group together will attract other high-talent-density folks and get referrals from their friends.
  • Direct-to-consumer marketing provides you with a direct interaction where you can impact consumer sentiment on an ongoing basis and have them spread your brand through word of mouth, which is extremely valuable.
  • Mastery is found on the mountaintop of mistakes.
  • Failing means being knocked down. Being a failure means deciding to stay down. And while the perseverance and grit required to be an entrepreneur are not for everyone, you must be willing to get back up and brush yourself off if you fail.

07:11 – Brad Pedersen’s Background
12:43 – Pela and Lomi
15:44 – High-Performance Team
20:46 – Wonders of Lomi
23:23 – Customer Journey and Service
27:53 – Friction Points
31:18 – Utilizing Adversity
33:42 – Entrepreneurial Mindset
36:57 – Get in touch with Brad

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