How To Live Life On Your Own Terms With Brian Gallagher

Have you ever got tired of working corporate? Do you want to enjoy life and start living it on your own terms? No one wants to slave around in a corporate setting until retirement. Every single one of us craves retirement when we are free from work responsibilities and able to do whatever we’ve always wanted. Tune into the Dominate Your Market Podcast as Brian Gallagher shares how you can be able to live a life that’s full of purpose, freedom, and flexibility. How you can be your own boss and start doing a job that you love.

Living on your own terms is about choosing your terms. Not accepting them by default or doing what others want so you won’t rock the boat. It’s your life, you should do be able to do what you love and do it often.

Brian Gallagher’s, self-proclaimed “Corporate Escape Artist”, own experiences in life were able to teach him how you can be free in life. He took a path everyone else did—went to college and landed corporate gigs but he ended up realizing none of it was for him. Now knows how you can leave corporate 25+ years early and help you earn doing work that you love and live on your own terms now—without having to wait for retirement.


  • “I was interested in doing this and helping people.”
  • “One of my biggest tips is having enough money and being financially prepared.”
  • “You need to figure out what you’re going to do next and how you arrive at what that thing is going to be.”
  • “Everything that I bring with me is all things I’ve learned from different steps along the way.”
  • “I’m not giving them ideas. I’m pulling ideas out of them.”


  • Being interested in helping people is a good virtue to have.
  • Being prepared financially is one of the biggest keys to having freedom in life.
  • Knowing what to do is sometimes difficult. It is better to plan and think before doing anything rash.
  • Experiences in life help us in case we need to go through a certain predicament once again or when we’re giving advice to other people.
  • Sometimes, someone doesn’t even need to be told what to do. They usually know what must be done and only need a push or a pull to finally do something.


2:53 – Brian’s Background
6:30 – How to Prepare Yourself
13:47 – Keeping Highly Valuable People
19:28 – Common Mistakes
26:52 – Self-Motivation
31:52 – Life’s Goals
37:11 – Being Realistic
39:07 – Get in touch with Brian
40:31 – International Trips

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