Start to Capitalize on Today’s Top Marketing Trends with Chris Walker

Businesses require expansion, and they need it now. To succeed in today’s market, B2B enterprises of all sizes must develop new client channels, generate new revenue streams, and keep their present customers satisfied. With the appropriate digital marketing company on your side, you can stay ahead of the competition and create growth breakthroughs for your company. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Chris Walker shares how businesses may enhance marketing’s contribution to qualifying pipeline and revenue while decreasing customer acquisition expenditures.


But what’s the best way to go about building and executing a content strategy? Discover the growth on strategic marketing and growth among B2B companies.

Chris Walker, Founder, and CEO of Refine Labs, a progressive demand generation firm that challenges the status quo in B2B marketing. Fueled by marketing execution at scale, Refine Labs uses real data from real customers to create demand strategy and research for their clients. It’s time to create breakthroughs in growth for the world’s leading B2B software companies.


  • “The overall function of marketing is broken because we’ve just crammed more and more things into the marketing bucket over time.”
  • “When you have a boring or stale marketing function, it’s because you’re not investing in that specific part of what you call marketing today.”
  • “The best CEOs understand every function in the business that is critical to the business strategy.”
  • “Regardless of what job title you sell into in business development, LinkedIn is the b2b infrastructure that runs business development today.”
  • “The only way to truly create a market, many people return; you get to create a market by spending years in that market.”


  • Marketing is so sophisticated nowadays that enterprises and companies are baffled as to why their marketing methods aren’t functioning. The fundamentals of marketing remain the most effective.
  • In a changing corporate world, the process of being a good CEO is never finished; to succeed in the post, you must constantly be learning, open to trying new approaches, and willing to share your experiences.
  • Market research informs you about your market and the business landscape. Years of expertise provide a solid basis and valuable insights into your organization and the broader market.


6:00 – Chris Walker Background
11:59 – Marketing
16:43 – Investing in Marketing
20:43 – Revenue R&D
27:24 – Marketing Investment Cost
32:14 – Role of a CEO
38:56 – LinkedIn Presence
43:19 – Create Your Market
47:22 – Pricing List
52:07 – Get in touch with Chris


Chris Walker’s Website: Refine Labs
Chris’ LinkedIn: Chris Walker

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