Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs, Unleash Your Inner Greatness & Start Winning in Life with Curt Mercadante

There is a certain belief that men should be strong and tough. It is a belief that prevents men from showing their emotions which makes them hide what they truly feel. This affects them negatively in various ways. Tune in Dominate your Market Podcast as Curt Mercadante discusses all the belief and prejudice with men that affects their daily lives. Discover how can men control their emotions and stress and become truly free.


The prejudice and belief the men are in prevents them from doing anything and is blocking their freedom. Discover how you can overcome this and achieve fulfillment and true happiness.
Curt Mercadante is a speaker, trainer, and coach that aims to help men become truly free which will lead to them getting the beliefs that they want, true happiness, and fulfillment. He also has a podcast entitled “Freedom Media Network.”
It’s time to focus on yourself and become who you truly are.


  • “Your beliefs are the foundation. Your beliefs fuel your thoughts and your actions which fuel your result. We’re conditioned to only focus on the thoughts and the actions and that’s why we end up in this vicious, murderous cycle.”
  • “Be afraid of your emotions, confront your emotions, don’t fight them. Allow them to wash over you.”
  • “The more you ignore your subconscious and your emotions in your beliefs, at some point, whether you like it or not, and it won’t be on your terms. Your subconscious will shake you by the shoulders, heart attack, anxiety, attack, divorce, whatever it is, it will speak to you because you are too cowardly.”
  • “Guilt and negative energy can keep you trapped.”
  • “Once you start communicating with your subconscious beliefs and clear them. You don’t need motivation and willpower; you just flow forward like that water. Because it just is that’s just who you are.”


Your beliefs are the source of everything that you think, do, and feel.
Do not hide your emotions. Let yourself feel. Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Otherwise, it will find another way to get out of your system.
If you keep on hiding your emotions, one day, you will reach your limit. All of the emotions that you had hidden, will force itself out.
You can connect with your subconscious mind through meditation.


3:58 – Curt Mercadante Background
9:44 – Freedom
16:23 – Male Leaders
22:40 – How to Handle Stress
32:09 – Accountability
38:12 – Not listening to nature
46:56 – Get in touch with Curt


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