Utilizing Storytelling In Your Marketing and Branding with Dan Manning

Stories are the best way to explain something in a simple but wonderful way. There is a word that people used long ago: storytelling. It is said that storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication and has been used for centuries. Now you may be asking yourself what does it mean? In fact, storytelling does not only apply to the recorded form like books or movies. It can also be applied to some online sources such as web pages, video clips, articles and social media platforms.


Ever since we first started communicating with one another, humans have been weaving tales for one another and for the most part, audiences have been attracted by what they hear. It has been shown that telling stories is an effective marketing strategy. Discover how buyers becomes interested in your products through storytelling.

Dan Manning is the founder and chief narrative architect of buildthestory.com. To address difficult problems, he teaches teams critical thinking, teamwork, creativity, and communication. Dan also works with entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants to create three-minute stories that sell.


“What I wanted to do was to assist in the creation of impact, to assist in the creation of impact in other people’s lives, businesses, or whatever they chose to devote themselves and their lives to.”

“As humans, we are wired to learn from one another. And the most effective and consistent way for us to do so is through storytelling.”

“The more specific you can get about that point, the more compelling your story is, and the more people want to hear it.”


Integrate a reliable source into your narrative that contributes to its originality and appeal.

The most valuable products to sell in marketing and sales are the ones that make an impression.

The “why” question refers to the motivations behind starting the business, the end aim, and the positive social impact you want to see.


3:07 – Dan Manning’s Background

6:37 – Storytelling

13:17 – The why question

18:31 – Ideal Marketing Story

21:06 – Consumer Psychology

25:08 – Three Minute Stories

31:06 – Realistic Storytelling Marketing

34:50 – How to Start Storytelling

42:15 – Dan’s Book Recommendation

43:26 – Get in touch with Dan


Dan’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-manning2

Dan’s Website: https://buildthestory.com/

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