How You Stand Out as a Brand and Why It’s More Important than Anything Else with Derrick Mains

There are different ways to market your brand and attract consumers. But with competitors around you, how can you market effectively and make your brand stand out? You can attract your consumers without being positive about your competitors through aggressive competence as a strategy, combined with a great branding position. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Derrick Mains shares different ways you can market your brand effectively and gain attraction higher, way above your competitors. You will understand how important the consumer’s perspective is and the perception of others to analyze and solving your problems.


Nothing happens if you sit on the sideline and do nothing. So what will you do? Be aggressive and attract them. Bring your brand to a high position past competitors and use aggressive competence to get your consumers.
Derrick Mains, founder and CEO of podcastology and The Process Fixer use aggressive competence as a strategy to build a market brand and stand out more among other competitors. He also knows that long-form content is critical in nowadays market since it helps consumers to know more and understand your brand. Taking a step back and changing your approach to branding is the right thing if things are not working.


“Approach is infinite. By changing the way that you approach the problem. You can solve things much more efficiently. ”
“Standing out as a brand is more is more important than anything else.”
“Try to create a business that has differentiating factors. And sometimes it can almost seem counterintuitive.”
“Marketing is all about perception from your consumer.”
“It’s about long form content. Make sure you’re doing long form content, whatever that is.”
“ The power of the internet anymore is just incredible.”


Start understanding Six Sigma and lean. Recognize the importance of applying those principles to business.
Have that competence take your brand, to such a level of confidence that you don’t have a problem talking about your competitors because you are so far above them.
Sitting on the sideline is not a way to attract your customers, you have to get aggressive. Go get up and take a shot over and over. Because your probability will be higher than just sitting there doing nothing.

You have to have somebody that has a perspective that is different from yours to come in and analyze. if you bring in random persons, their perspective is going to be so radically different than yours, they’re going to see things that you can’t see.
Consumers just want to see a conversation taking place with your brand, which allows them to grasp who you are and allows them to truly understand you as a genuine individual.


11:04 – Derrick Main’s Background
16:07 – Six Sigma and Lean
21:07 – Stands Out
28:55 – Aggressive Competence
32:45 – Perception
36:37 – NASA Story
39:22– Gaining Market Share
42:56 – Power of the Internet
45:04 – Get in touch with Derrick


Derrick Main Company Website: The Process Fixer
LinkedIn: Derrick Mains
Derrick’s podcast: Podcastology

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