Developing Leadership Accountability and Transform Mindsets with Sam Silverstein

Accountability in leadership is critical to company success, yet many leadership teams recognize that they have much potential for improvement in this area. Why is leadership accountability so crucial in business, and why do so many leaders struggle to keep it? Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Sam Silverstein shares how businesses should have a leader that knows accountability. Witness how you will have a better understanding of customer motivation and avoid some common pitfalls. Understand how accountability sets the tone for your company’s organization.


In business, taking accountability builds trust and respect and models a behavior of accountability in your employees and team. Find out how to improve personal accountability and the culture of accountability at your organization.

Sam Silverstein, Accountability Keynote Speaker, empowers people to live accountable lives, transform how they do business, and thrive at extraordinary levels. By challenging leaders to shift priorities, cultivating an organizational culture based on accountability, and inspiring individuals and teams to take ownership in fresh and results-producing ways – he is helping companies dramatically increase productivity, profitability, and growth. It’s time to learn that accountability is the highest form of leadership.


“Action follows belief. If the leader believes that you are important as a human being, that person would never let you down.”

“Accountability is the foundation for building anything we want in our life or business.”

“Leadership is supposed to create an environment that inspires people to choose to be accountable and their best.”

“The leader that trusts their people right from the get-go creates a different environment.”

“We’re responsible for things, and we’re accountable to people.”


Accountability is essential in every aspect of life, especially in a workspace.

Organizations that master the relational commitments, the relational side of the business, then what happens is they create a workplace environment. A culture that inspires people to be accountable and to be their best.



3:35 – Sam Silverstein’s Background

5:32 – Personal Accountability

10:17 – Leadership Accountability

12:33– Trust in the Workspace

15:27 – Accountability and Responsibility

26:42 – Commitment

34:35 – Contributions

37:58 – Building Accountability

40:41 – Get in touch with Sam



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