Why Men Need To Evolve and How with Dr. John Schinnerer

Want to know how to manage your emotions and be in control of your anger? Society assumes that males should not show their feelings. Therefore, most hide beyond their masks and refuse to express their feelings. You can manage your emotions and evolve beyond the way men usually are. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Dr.John Schinnerer Talks about the dilemma that numerous men have the feeling of being miserable and how you can overcome your emotions and express your feelings.


Our society dictates that men should avoid letting out emotions that could result in disconnection. With the epidemic of men feeling lonely and stressed, how could Men cope with their feelings? Learn how men overcome and express what they think.
Dr. John Schinnerer, executive coach, speaker, and author, understands the epidemic of men feeling lonely and stressed. And he knows that the value of men providing for the family will be cancerous in the future. Have the responsibility to evolve, pass beyond the way men are, and live a happy and successful life.


  • “It’s not men’s fault that we are the way we are. However, it is men’s responsibility to evolve beyond it.”
  • “There is this attraction to successful men by women, partly because they feel that it will protect them, which makes them feel secure.”
  • “Men are providers. Men provide for the family, and that’s a good value. However, I think it gets cancerous and detrimental for many Men because we don’t balance it well.”
  • “One of the tricks is realizing that emotion is separate from how you behave. And that you have a third of a second between emotion and action.”
  • “Emotion can always overpower a rational mind.”
  • “The way we’re socialized don’t feel, and yet we’re human, and we feel shame, which results in disconnection.


  • It’s not an excuse to have no tools for Men’s behavior. And yet, it’s an explanation. So it can help us make sense of why it happened.
  • As soon as boys get into kindergarten, they start to police themselves. If a boy shows sadness or fear to the public, they will be told to get rid of that as it is feminine.
  • The three emotions that men are allowed to or are safe to express are lust, stress, and anger. And anger is viewed as manly, but the problem is that most men’s emotions get funneled through that anger lens.
  • This simple exercise is the best way to start developing metacognition. Stop, take a breath, and ask yourself, “What am I thinking right now?” And the next step is to pause, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, “What am I feeling right now?
  • Men usually are in a thought stream and are trying to step out of it. The best and easiest way to avoid getting flooded with emotions is simply to talk to yourself in third or second-person pronouns.


9:31 – Feeling Of Loneliness And Stress Among Men
16:16 – Emotional Mind
20:36 – Men’s Social Club
24:45 – Man Box Culture
30:18 – Three Emotions To Express Safely
32:57– Male CEOs Experiencing Negative Emotions
38:51 – Thought Stream
43:49 – Feelings
48:16 – Gap Between Stimulus and Response
51:24 – Recommended Resources
53:17 – Get in touch with John


Dr. John Schinnerer Website: https://guidetoself.com/
Guide to Self: The Beginner’s Guide to Managing Emotion and Thought – On Amazon
John’s Podcast Website: https://theevolvedcaveman.com/

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