Men’s Mental Health: You Can Become a Happier Man with Elise Michaels

There is more to being a man than “success,” “changing tires,” or “chopping wood.” You suppress your tears because you believe that real men don’t cry. Men are expected to be the “breadwinners” by society, so you labor without enthusiasm and find it difficult to receive. What happens, though, if you have checked off every box yet still feel lost, aimless, or alone? Tune into the Dominate Your Market Podcast as Elise Micheals offers help and advice for men who are in need of assistance.


Men are trained not to have feelings, to rely solely on themselves, and to cut themselves off from assistance. This could ruin friendships, business possibilities, collaborations, and other connections. It’s time to cease working on your own and reclaim your masculine authority by maintaining your mental stability and emotional independence.

Elise Micheals is a men’s mental health coach. She helps clients heal subconscious trauma, improving the quality of their relationships, lives, and business. She struggled with mental health issues most of her life and didn’t understand why until she explored trauma therapy and neuroscience. She now helps men, as many men are silenced when it comes to emotions, which causes their struggles to be compounded and makes it even more difficult to process.


  • “I would have never imagined that I would be doing what I’m doing. It wasn’t something I first set out to do. But now that I’m doing it, I love it, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything different.”
  • “I get to see a side of them that the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily see. The side that’s struggling and helping someone through that who really doesn’t feel support from anybody else.”
  • “Something mainly that they all struggle with is relationships and emotions.”
  • “Because they can’t handle what’s inside, they try to control everything outside.”
  • “People don’t understand that there’s a middle ground where you can be very successful, and yet still understand how to navigate your own emotions so that you can have a healthy life.”


  • Finding your passion in life is one of life’s biggest goals.
  • Someone letting you see their vulnerable side is a great feeling because it signifies trust.
  • Having the opportunity to help a man, who usually keeps to himself and is truly in need of assistance is a noble cause.
  • Trying to grasp for control because you can’t handle your feelings is a common mishandling of emotions.
  • A balance between success and fulfillment is the true key to living a very happy life.


5:07 – Elise Micheals Background
8:51 – Elise’s Experience Working with Men
9:36 – Why does Elise Love Working With Men?
11:41 – The Main Reason Elise Gets Hired
14:33 – Men and Success
20:03 – The First Step
23:57 – Rejection
34:34 – Generations, Experience, and Judgement
37:27 – The Best Way to Empower People
39:30 – Get in touch with Elise


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