Get Serious About Branding: How to Build Your Brand Value without Paying a Fortune With Ernie Harker

Want to know what good branding is? The brand of our company represents the wholeness of a company and the personality it has. People go to those brands that would connect with them emotionally. Paying attention to the colors, textures, patterns, fonts, and vocabulary is important in creating your brand, as it is the building block of a brand. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Ernie Harker shares how you would make a branding that would connect to your clients and customers emotionally. See how you understand the significance of creating recognizable branding and avoiding inattention to your business.


One of the most things customers see in a company is its branding and how it represents itself. How can you create unique branding for your company? Discover how to create a unique brand that will represent your company.
Ernie Harker, Branding Expert, Author, and Keynote speaker, understands the value of good branding. He knows that emotionally connecting with your clients and customers is critical in creating a good brand. Open your eyes wide and turn your attention to creating branding that would resonate with the heart of your customers.


  • “Brands are highly forgettable. So you can market like crazy, but if the brand isn’t very sticky, or the message isn’t very sticky, it will be forgotten.”
  • “Don’t hide behind your frickin website. Even if you are the CEO, people want to know who’s the head dog of a company.”
  • “When it comes to branding, we need to take a step away from the product and service that we sell and figure out what our personality is and how we will get our personality reflected in our marketing.”
  • “When you know what emotion and feeling your brand conveys when people see it, it is time you can architect an experience for the desired outcome.”
  • “Many people don’t realize we could be charging more, but we need to up our game.”


  • We need to connect with our audience emotionally and with whoever decides because they must emotionally connect with your brand before understanding your cost-value proposition.
  • It becomes essential for large organizations to create a personality for their brand that is reflected in a very strong aesthetic that is simple to recognize and connect with.
  • You better have a kick-butt product if you’re in the business. It’s enough to get to the game. But then you’ve got to attract attention.
  • Colors, textures, patterns, fonts, and vocabulary are the building blocks of a brand. Then you use those things on your website, LinkedIn, podcast, etc.
  • Most businesses lower the price of their products to compete with other companies. Good brands, however, usually come with a premium. You’ll go out of business if you keep engaging in that mathematical game of trying to persuade your customer that your costs are significantly lower than the benefits.


4:56 – Linkedin Incident
6:12 – Ernie’s Background
12:11 – The branding of Ernie
16:03 – Trust in People
26:18 – Ernie’s Book
32:17 – Maverik Adventure’s First Stop
40:41 – Transparency in Business
45:15 – Chuck Norris
51:53 – Get in touch with Ernie


Ernie Harker Website: Ernburn Inc.
Your Brand Sucks – On Amazon
Ernie’s Linkedin: Ernie-Harker


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