How to Attract, Connect, And Convert Potentials into Loyal Customers With Jason Vana

Never getting the right clients for your business? Ever wondered if there was some kind of strategy for you to attract and convert people to become your ideal customer? What if there are actually certain approaches that will help you overcome this obstacle using no-nonsense and content methods? Join Jason Vana in the Dominate Your Market Podcast as he shares his strategies that will help you attract the perfect customers for your business and other tips regarding entrepreneurship.


It is imperative that you know your way around your business, especially your customer base. With straightforward brand and content strategies, you can draw in your ideal clients.

Jason Vana is a brand and content strategist, entrepreneur, and founder of SHFT. In order to attract and convert their ideal consumers, he works with B2B service and SaaS firms to define their brand strategy (ideal customers, positioning, messaging, offering, and brand processes), brand design (logos and websites), and content strategies.


  • “If you really want your brand and your company to be super successful, and attract people to you, look at what the successful B2C companies are doing and see how you can relate that to yours.”
  • “That’s what people want to see. How you are going to transform their life, business, and job. If you can’t answer that in five seconds in a very clear concise way, you are not going to get conversions.”
  • “Copy is what converts and sells.”
  • “Figure out what feeling you want them to have. Reverse engineer it.”
  • “The goal here with branding is for people to look at you and at your competitors and say how much superior you are.”


  • It’s important to look at others’ mistakes and learn from them too.
  • Standing out will garner more attention.
  • You need to learn from the best. Try emulating what they did right with your own business.
  • Identify the most important part and focus on what actually matters always.
  • Be straight to the point, avoid the pleasantries, and get right to business.


3:53 – What Certain Companies are Doing Wrong
7:27 – Educating and Pain
10:51 – Pain Points
12:22 – Brand Evaluation
17:41 – The Five-Step Process
27:28 – The Most Important Part of Your Website
30:49 – The Brand’s Significance
39:05 – Brand Experience
43:24 – Being Better than Your Competitors
47:52 – Get in touch with Jason and SHFT


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