Data-Driven Marketing Best Practices For Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, And Relationship Building To Increase Your Traffic And Sales With Jay Schwedelson

Do you understand what your customers want? Do you believe your customers have faith in your products? When was the last time you noticed a customer tweeting about a product or service you offer? The way you sell your company impacts whether or not it will be successful. Email marketing tactics have evolved over time. What worked five years ago is no longer effective. However, it remains an important component of any marketing strategy. Listen to the Dominate Your Market Podcast as Jay Schwedelson discusses the possibilities for businesses to expand more through email marketing and how businesses could capitalize on it.


When it comes to digital marketing, email is one of the most cost-effective and straightforward methods for maintaining relationships with current and potential customers, generating new leads, and building confidence in a company.

Jay Schwedelson, the founder of SubjectLine, is a highly sought-after speaker known for presenting actionable, data-driven marketing best practices in a plain and lively manner. It’s time to implement impactful email marketing.


  • “When your email database expands, that is something you own. You have control over how frequently you send it and how you interact with others.
  • “All of that work is for naught if the email is not opened.”
  • The most crucial email you send to someone is the first one.
  • “Whatever you’re trying to sell or promote, you’re establishing yourself as something that will be useful to that person,” she said.
  • “Your email should have clickable links that take readers to your page.”


  • Invest more in generating or finding an excellent domain name rather than promoting.
  • Because the size of the inbox is the same and only the substance of the subject line varies, the subject line of the email has an edge in capturing the consumer’s interest.
  • Give your customers everything your firm has to offer before asking for their participation in business promotion.
  • Including and utilizing videos as a marketing tactic is useful in drawing people to your company.
  • It is critical to know who you are emailing and what the call to action is when creating an email.


5:24 – Jay Schwedelson’s Background
07:19 – Domain Name
10:01 – Email Marketing
12:51 –
14:06 – Email Marketing Strategy
18:20 – Lead Capture
20:36 – Video Marketing
22:34 – Email Length
25:15 – Call to Action
27:14 – Email Content
31:22 – AI Email Marketing
34:58 – Get in touch with Jay


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