Content Is Still King And Here’s Why With Joe Pulizzi

Do you know how to deliver quality content to our audience? Many businesses try their hand at content creation but fail. The majority of errors are caused by a need for more understanding of the tactics required for success. You can deliver high-quality content by producing content relevant to your company’s area of expertise and aiming it at the right audience. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Joe Pulizzi shares how businesses should create content to maximize their company’s growth. He will also talk about the common mistakes in creating content and the things you should be aware of.


  • Creating content online is critical for the company’s growth in today’s business world. Unfortunately, some companies are still not doing it, and some are doing it poorly. Discover how you can leverage your company by making content using the right strategy.
  • Joe Pulizzi, founder of multiple startups, content entrepreneur, and the best-selling author of seven books is aware of the strategies for maximizing business growth through content creation.
  • Many businesses still need to figure out how they will succeed, though. Thus, now is the time to know how to make content uniquely and accurately target your audience.


  • “Creating content is a marathon, not a sprint. And most people quit for two reasons: First, they don’t have any differentiation. Second is they don’t have consistency.”
  • “Have the positioning in your content strategy that tomorrow, social media will be gone altogether. And if you do that, you’re going to be okay.”
  • “Start making a list of the podcasters or the bloggers of the newsletter writers targeting the same audience, as those people are doing something right. You’re all on the same team, and there’s a lot of opportunity there.”
  • “The OG content marketing goal was always around loyalty.”
  • “You want to get as focused on a niche as possible. So that when you create content for your target audience with that content niche, you can be the leading expert in that area.”


  • A great media company consistently delivers over time. Content marketing never stops; it is a marathon. And most businesses have never used this muscle before.
  • Less content is preferable. Kill off seven or eight of the things you’re doing that do not affect your clients or potential clients. Kill that so you can redirect those resources to one or two other projects and excel.
  • You are allowed to use rented land, but remember that the rules could change tomorrow. Have a way for people to always return to something under your control.
  • Find out who the expert is within your company because having an internal resource is crucial. A lot of this can be delegated to writers and editors, but you still need internal champions for the project.
  • When starting any content marketing initiative, there are two components to the sweet spot. One is, what is your company’s area of expertise that you can use to develop content? The second is who’s the audience you’re targeting?

1:19 – Joe Pulizzi Background
3:50 – How Content Marketing Evolved
10:05 – Failing Companies
17:05 – Creator Economy
20:28 – Content Creator in a Company
26:33 – Content Tilt
30:43 – A Great Book to Read
32:46 – Learn More About Joe

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