Creating Positive Impact Mindsets and Behavior Through Initiatives That Matter with Larry Mohl

Is the resistance to change holding back the growth of your organization? Almost everyone in the corporate world is resistant to change. People, by nature, like to remain in their comfort zone. People frequently perceive change as being done to them rather than with them. Larry codified a model called Learn to inspire that helps people to work in groups to move from just knowing about things to activating new mindsets and behaviors in their world of work. Tune in to Dominate Your Market Podcast as Larry Mohl shares how he helps leaders build an initiative that works but helps build capabilities in the organization. Witness how you will better understand the transformation influencing the entire company’s culture, values, productivity, and operations.


In an organization, there are a lot of factors why people are afraid of making changes. If you have been given a chance to deliver effective results and long-lasting transformation, what would you do?

Larry Mohl, founder, and chief transformation officer of Rali, knows that everyone must be included in the change process and have their voice heard, even if it goes against what is expected. Then work through that. Its’ time to bring your next initiative to life.


  • “Find your voice around something you do now. Part of that process is being aware of what’s in the marketplace around you. And it’s what’s being provided to people.”
  • “If you’re leading change, your chances of success increase significantly if you can engage some supporters and persuade 10% of the organization to support the cause.”
  • “It’s understanding this dynamic of how change works in organizations and being honest that it’s a messy thing.”
  • “Having the necessary tools to effectively lead, scale, and sustain change in organizations is never simple.”


  • Understanding yourself and how you want to work is important.
  • Watching videos does not help us improve; we must learn new information. We must proceed to put things into practice. Then, if we can inspire others, we genuinely improve. Although it may seem to be about them, it is about us.
  • We need to change how we change.
  • It’s about using a human-centered approach where we change with people versus two people.


05:18 – Larry Mohl’s background

14:35 – Initiatives that matter

19:36 – Large-scale change for organizations

26:50 – A message for people in the C-suite

32:50 – Make change happen in the organization

35:56 – Get in touch with Larry



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