_Why Establishing a Solid Business Vision Matters with Mark Samuel

Even for the most intelligent businessperson, starting a new firm is daunting. A lot is riding on this choice; money is flying around; several people may add their two cents. Some businesses fail while others prosper. People frequently fail to recognize the importance of establishing long-term business goals, vision, and mission for the firm and the team. Listen to the Dominate Your Market Podcast as Mark Samuel discusses the importance of Creative Branding, New Product Innovation, Strategic Business, Market & Sales Planning, and many other topics.


Following and copying someone else’s blueprint in business is not bad, especially when you’re just starting.
In 2016, Mark Samuel, creator of protein snack producer Iwon Organics, used his fitness industry connections to secure a national launch in Vitamin Shoppe’s 800 shops. However, Samuel does not advise other entrepreneurs to attempt the same feat.


“Build something with a clear vision, a purpose, and be a good enough guy to bring on other people and manage other people. When you do that, you’re building something cool at your company.”
“The big key piece to the end driver of your business is all about margin.”
“Focus on long term, consistent, and sustainable growth, and build a core demographic.”
“Patience is a core asset that’s required as a person starting a company.”


Believe in what you are doing and the reason why you started. Remember every lesson and error you’ve made and apply them as you move forward.
Understand your environment, form relationships, and volunteer for a cause because it feels good to be focused on something that adds value to other people’s lives.
Describe the vision you communicated to your team. It must have a mission, a reason for being, so that people know where you’re going and why. Then hire people and delegate to them the tasks for which you hired them. That’s a fantastic setting.


6:08 – IWON Organics’ Background
7:51 – Biggest Challenge
12:25 – Mark’s Start-up Journey
14:03 – Influencer Marketing
16:32 – Culture
18:11 – Startup Advice
21:01 – Gain Market Share
23:15 – Get in touch with Mark


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Linkedin: Mark A. Samuel

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