Tactics on How to Get Customers to Buy Your Product & Increase Sales with Martyn Lewis

Want to know what people think when they buy something? We assume to think we know our customers. In reality, our customers are just like us and purchase our products for the same reasons we decided to make or sell them. You can shape a customer’s vision and positively affect and manage the entire buying journey of a customer. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Martyn Lewis shares how businesses should look outside their internal ideas about selling something and see how customers buy. Witness how you will have a better understanding of customer motivation and avoid some common pitfalls.


In business, nothing happens until somebody buys something. If you had to interview your customer, what would you think you’d find out? Discover how buyers buy differently than they did before.

Martyn Lewis, CEO and entrepreneur knows that customer buying has changed in a world where everything is in demand. Buyers have much information and choice at their fingertips, and the divide between companies and buyers is more comprehensive than ever. It’s time to look beyond your sales process and focus on your buyers.


“Enabling people to grasp hold of the future and really do sales and marketing in a different way.”
“Just let’s go and tell everybody how great our product is. That’s the market engagement crisis.”
“You can predict how people are going to reassure respond, but it’s not logical.”
“Finding that traction is hard. Growth is hard.”
“One thing you can do is go out and find out how your customers are buying. Don’t ask about features and functions.”


Start looking at how customers buy. Focusing on how you sell and market reversing around you will determine the customer buy.
In sales and marketing, it’s all trying to convince somebody about why they should buy it. If the customers are interested and know why they should buy it, write about how and why they shouldn’t or why they wouldn’t.
As a business owner, try to prove your product’s value and start addressing the real concerns so you can effectively engage in that marketplace.
Everything you do in marketing and sales and service and support and value realization, everything that touches a customer should be aligned to a marketing engagement strategy.
It would help if you understood what’s happening behind the scenes as your customers or prospects go through their buying journey.


5:53 – Martyn Lewis Background
9:06 – Convincing Consumer
14:32 – The Change
17:27 – Market Engagement Crisis
20:00 – Marketing Engagement Strategy
22:08 – Status Solution
29:07 – Market Stage
36:42 – Trigger Moments
37:31 – Get in touch with Martyn


Martyn Lewis Website: Market – Partners
How Customers Buy…& And Why They Don’t – On Amazon
Martyn’s Author Website: https://buyingjourneydna.com/

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