The Convergence of Health, Mind, and Performance with Mycal Anders

Having thoughts on pursuing a healthy body? Most people tend to forget their health as they are busy doing other important things. Not realizing that this will affect their performance in the long run and may result in bad outcomes. You can change this now if you put importance on your health just as much importance on other things you do.

Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Mycal Anders shares his endeavors in pursuing his dreams, his knowledge in the importance of health and physical fitness, and his progress doing Intentional Adversity.


There is a saying, “Health is Wealth”, which is true as our money has no value if our physical fitness, mental health, social relationships, and other aspects of our lives are broken. Understand the relevance of having a healthy body in living a successful life.
Mycal Anders, the founder of Next-Level Performance Consulting, knows that maintaining a healthy mind and body is essential to become successful in business and in life. It’s time to put a lot of attention into keeping your body fit and mentally healthy.


  • “ Good coaching is good coaching, regardless of the skin it’s in.”
  • “What makes coaches worth their salt or not is your willingness to either push a little further or let them off the hook. And that’s the difference between everlasting results and a temporary fix.”
  • “Your weight is your suit of armor. “
  • “These are the core tenants of the path to progress. Always honor your commitments by keeping your promises, doing the hard thing, and caring for yourself.”
  • “There’s a spectrum of these things, but it’s in your best interest to seek out those opportunities to challenge yourself before the universe inevitably presents that challenge for you.”


  • For Mycal, there are two reasons for being consistent in fitness and nutrition. One is just outright accountability, and two is to explore his next best decision for himself, his family, and his business.
  • Many CEOs are driven to be successful to the point where they’ve sacrificed their physical, mental, and social relationships.
  • You’re allowing yourself to get out of shape, consciously or subconsciously, so that you can focus on this tangible aspect of physical fitness rather than dealing with these underlying issues.
  • Numerous CEOs do not understand the link between health, physical fitness, mind, and body.
  • Intentional adversity creates a positive feedback loop that reinforces courageous, nurturing, and empowering behaviors. And all of that is on the other side of facing fear and doing difficult things.


7:15 – Mycal’s Journey
13:40 – Pursuing The Dream
20:53 – Pivoting Next Level
24:45 – Momentum Behind Health and Physical Fitness
28:08 – Hamster Wheel of Fitness
34:33 – Intentional Adversity
37:50 – Mycal’s Son Recessive Condition
42:05 – Challenge
47:27 – Get in touch with Mycal


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