Why Brands Should Embrace TikTok Marketing Strategies Today with Nigel Thomas

Do you want to expand your business by using different social media platforms? Indeed, without being said, putting your business online will open many opportunities for your business. With the TikTok trend going on, you can use this platform to boost your marketing strategy and reach out to more consumers. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Nigel Thomas shares how you can utilize TikTok as a platform to market your business. He will teach us the types of content, video time framing, and how often we should post for us to leverage TikTok.


  • Technology nowadays has had an enormous development ever since. How can you utilize this to maximize its potential in order to market your business? Find out how to use TikTok effectively to market your business and build trust with your clients.
  • Nigel Thomas has built three marketing agencies and is now alpha Inbound’s CEO. He understands the business opportunities TikTok has opened very well. No wonder this will be a great platform to market your business, and stepping into this world will be an excellent investment.


  • “From a strategic point of view, what was happening is it was short-form content that was taken from long-form content, and it was spliced up across the platform. So from a strategic point of view, it’s about getting people to stimulate curiosity within what we call hooks.”
  • “This creator economy thing, it’s not going away. It’s going in the direction that everyone who owns a little piece of the internet will do well for themselves.”
  • “Just like with any other marketing in any other sales, you need to understand your market and your customer. “
  • “Try and find 10 to 15 people on Tiktok already doing what you’re doing in your industry; these guys will have already done all the research for you.”
  •  “What you probably want to do, because you’ve already got resources on other platforms, is use Tiktok as a new discovery channel”


  • An effort is needed to do this marketing strategy. If you can’t, you can hire content creators or video editors who do understand TikTok.
  • The companies that empower their team members to make TikTok content will be in a way better position. It’s a good strategy for bringing in clients and recruitment.
  • The Foundation of knowledge is critical. Research first to understand your market and get on the phone with ideal clients. It won’t work out if you don’t research, just like all other strategies.
  • Fancy studio and equipment are not required. As long as you say the right words with passion and you believe in what you are saying,  then you’ll be okay.
  • Feeding people in numerous areas where you can build more trust would be best.


6:47 – Leverage TikTok

11:13 – Empowering Team Members and Employees

17:53 – Types of Content

23:27 – Video Timeframe

28:31 – Quiet Quitting

30:00 – How Often You Should Be Posting

33:37 – TikTok Powerful Algorithm

34:24– Recent Book

35:12 – Get in touch with Nigel


Nigel Thomas  Website: https://www.alphainbound.com/

Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/nigelthomas-ai?trk=public_profile_browsemap