How Taoism Plays a Big Role in Sales with Pat Helmers

Have you considered marketing podcasts? Podcasting is the new business trend, and interviews are a good way to promote your brand and business. A podcast has a bigger audience than an interview-based blog article that can rank in search engines since search engines perceive podcasts as a different entity rather than just normal content with little or no value to the listeners. Tune in to Dominate Your Market Podcast as Pat Helmers discusses how businesses should identify a target audience, advertise themselves, and make their identity known.


How do people find you? Promoting yourself and your company is critical in business to increase sales. Learn how sellers can reach buyers using promotion and interview-based podcasting.

Pat Helmers is the founder of Habanero Media and the host of the Sales Babble podcast. He assists firms in determining the genuine value they contribute to the market. He assists sales professionals in developing their value propositions, generating leads, and increasing sales. It’s important to bring out your originality in order to capture your audience’s interest and generate sales.


  • “If you ask people, “Who do you think we should have on the podcast?” “Who should we be speaking with?” It allows you to expand your network significantly.”
  • “Your brand is the problems and challenges you address and how you answer them in a way that distinguishes you from everyone else.”
  • “To lead people, walk behind them. So that when the best leader’s work is done, the people say, “We did it ourselves.”
  • “According to one study, one of the main concerns sellers have is that they only follow up twice. They lack the determination to keep following up.”
  • “If you comprehend that everything changes, there is nothing you will try to cling to.” Nothing is impossible if you are not terrified of death.”


  • Determine your unique target audience. That audience must be interested in you or the products or services you offer.
  • Branding is critical in sales and marketing. It is critical to determine what distinguishes you from the competition and what impact you have on the people. Making a shift is an important aspect of sales and marketing.
  • It is not about you being a great leader. It’s about the influence and changes you bring, as well as how you motivate people to be the best they can be and prepare them to lead.
  • Change is constant, and we must learn to adapt in the corporate world.


0:14 – Pat Helmers’ Background
1:50 – Business Angle Is for A Podcast
10:03 – Branding and Testimonials
18:26 – Tao Te Ching of Sales
26:28 – Actionless Action
29:30 – Good Book
31:15 – Get in touch with Pat


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