The Power of Branding & Why It is Important in Your Business With Rami Guzlan

Brands are like people. They have a personality, and they connect with their audience. The best brands look like real people – they are human, funny and relatable. This is how it should be. However, sometimes brands miss the mark and feel “too corporate”. Brands need to take care of their image and make it more friendly to its audience. And if you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, you need to consider what makes someone like your brand more than anything else. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Rami Guzlan shares how branding is not just about logos or colors, and why businesses should prioritize branding.


It’s a good idea to establish your own brand. However, do you have a crystal-clear understanding of why it will bring value to your company? It is going to be very beneficial to your company.

Rami Guzlan, the Founder and Brand Strategist at Tenby Studios. Many people confuse branding with a logo or colors, but it is much more than that. It’s time for a new era of brands that feel human – and that foster genuine connections with their customers.


  • “The only way to differentiate yourself is to be yourself, to be different, and to truly develop a human persona around your brand.”
  • “You must be able to share your story in such a way that it draws people to you and attracts that target audience to people who share your mindset.”
  • “Passionate people gravitate toward other passionate people.”
  • “When you’re developing your brand, you want to position yourself in such a way that people fall in love with you.”
  • “First, determine your core brand, and then make assumptions about your customers.”
  • “Express the pain point in a digestible manner that hammers home the pain point.”


  • Branding is vital since it not only creates a distinctive impression on consumers, but it also informs your customers and clients on what to expect from your business.
  • Branding allows you to form relationships with your target audience, which can lead to them becoming loyal consumers.
  • Branding encourages recognition, and your brand can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Employer branding is utilized to attract exceptional personnel to your firm while also assisting in the retention of your best existing employees. It explains to your audience “why I should work for you” in a way that promotes your company as a fantastic place to work.


6:25 – Rami Guzlan’s Background
9:31 – Branding
10:51 – Engaging as the CEO
21:32 – Brand Message
25:55 – ROI for Branding
27:19 – New Age of Branding
32:18 – Communicating Pain Point of Customers
33:46 – People Focus Brand Strategy
38:30 – Get in touch with Rami


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