Understanding Customer’s Decision-Making Process And How To Capitalize On It With Ryan Paul Gibson

How do you know the things that resonate with your customers? How do you know those are the right things to talk about? If you don’t know your customer, what their pains are, and what keeps them up at night, you are guessing. Business and feature ideas start to take shape if you can identify the barriers in your path and the progress you want to achieve. Tune in to Dominate Your Market Podcast as Ryan Paul Gibson shares how to unlock powerful marketing insights for better marketing and understand your customer’s pain points by talking to them.


In businesses, they normally talk about cost, money, and time to put together. They just look at their competitors. But how can you better understand your customers about what and why they bought your product to provide a great customer experience? Discover how buyers buy your product.

Ryan Paul Gibson, the founder of Content Lift, knows the best approach for gaining insightful marketing data. The data helps you make smarter choices with marketing budgets. It’s time to focus on your customers and dominate the market!


  • “From a dominated market, if you don’t deeply understand that market, and how and why they do things, you are not going to dominate it.”
  • “People talk about alignment all the time. Alignment, for me, isn’t necessarily us having a meeting once a month to talk about the pipeline. The alignment is, do we have a set cohesive firm of beliefs of why people are choosing us and where marketing starts and stops and when the sale starts and stops?”
  • “The average small business needs results in two weeks. So what I’ve tried to do with how I approach it is get very focused on their path. Where are the pains and problems that buyers are facing? Why did they choose you? And then how do we take all that and map that into our go-to-market strategy, so we can build out assets, sales, and marketing that can impact even next week.”


  • The amount of marketing you do will differ from the number of sales you do based on the market, how you advertise, and how people buy products in your vertical or business.
  • You must be very specific about what you are trying to understand rather than just having unclear conversations.
  • Businesses don’t have time to wait six months to reshape their go-to marketing strategy; they need quick wins tomorrow.
  • You always have to keep understanding your customers.


04:43 – Ryan Paul Gibson’s background

08:05 – Ryan’s experience as a marketer

15:18 – Setting research objectives

19:53 – Customer experience

23:56 – Money on marketing and advertising

30:00 – New product or service launch

39:45 – Get in touch with Ryan


Website: https://www.contentlift.io/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-paul-gibson/?originalSubdomain=ca

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