Exposing the Root Cause of Personal Branding Problems and How To Fix Them with Sam Winsbury

When you hear about personal branding, you may think that it is something that revolves around you. It is a common misconception. Personal branding is building a reputation for your business which would be beneficial to you in the long run. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Sam Winsbury explains what a personal branding is, its importance, and how you can utilize it for your business.

When it comes to business, building your reputation and building trust with your customers is important. It benefits your business in a variety of ways. Discover how you can build a powerful personal branding.

Sam Winsbury is the CEO and founder of Kurogo, a personal branding agency. He has proven his expertise in the field as he was able to build 100 personal brands at the age of 23. Personal branding creates an incredible opportunity for you and your business. It can give you benefits like increasing awareness to your brand, increasing number of clients and so much more. This is a sign to establish your personal branding and improve your business.


  • “It’s not about forging or faking a reputation for itself. It is simply about building a reputation that’s going to serve you and your business, by framing the skills, the expertise, the experiences you have, in the best way possible.”
  • “Reputation is an asset, it’s a tool. It’s a marketing tool that everybody should be using.”
  • “It’s not about positioning you as the hero of the story, it’s about positioning you as the guide. It’s going to help them along their journey, be the person that’s going to take them on that process.”
  • “You’ve got to retain that core part inside of you: that passion, that uniqueness that you have, and make sure that it comes through in your content.”
  • “Just by taking the focus off you and making it more on how do I help people get from A to B, your personal brand becomes less about you and more about the bigger question.”
  • “You’re always best positioned to help the person you once were.”


  • Personal Branding is something that you can use that will be beneficial for your business.
  • Personal Branding offers a lot of benefits on your business. It can help you increase brand awareness, grow your business, increase conversion rate, and a lot more.
  • When it comes to personal branding, it doesn’t mean that everything is all about you. Your main focus is on helping people and how you can help them in solving their problems.
  • One of the problems that occur in personal branding is not understanding your audience. Your content will be able to position itself if you understand your audience better.
  • You are at an advantage if you are helping the people that went through the same thing that you encountered. You will be able to help them because you experienced the same thing
  • One of the ways you could dominate the market is to create your own category.

1:13 – Kurogo
3:15 – Personal Branding and its Importance
5:29 – How Personal Branding can help a Business
10:24 – Building your Personal Branding
13:52 – Personal Branding Authenticity
17:29 – Empathy
19:16 – Understanding your Audience
21:51 – How Sam Started
24:42 – Advice for Business Leaders
27:16 – Creating Content
30:54 – Dominating the Market through Personal Branding
39:27 – Positioning a Process

Personal Website – https://www.samwinsbury.co.uk/
Kurogo Website – https://www.kurogo.co.uk/
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/sam-g-winsbury/

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