Market Your New Product Effectively Using Innovative Strategies With Scott D. Clary

Want to know how to market a new product? It is a huge obstacle to market a new product since people still do not know it. But if done successfully, it will be one of the biggest achievements in your life. The first thing you should focus on in order to do this is educating people about our product. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Scott D. Clary shares how businesses should market their product and services, especially if it is new. See what business owners should look out for and the importance of marketing yourself to build trust with your customers.

Creating a business that promotes a new product would be sensational if done correctly. You would be popular as you are the first person to market that product. But how would you do it? Discover the way how to market your business and grow your business.
Scott D. Clary, CEO and entrepreneur, knows that marketing a new product is challenging. You have to focus on educating your customers about the benefits of your product versus what they normally buy. And doing this is expensive. But once done, you will be successful.


  • “In marketing, you just have to do it better or do it cheaper, or do it slightly differently than somebody else is doing it to be effective.”
  • “The most important thing I’ve learned in business is the second you can be okay with being wrong. That’s when you start to succeed.”
  • “It’s quite difficult to hire remotely, but if you can start to get into the cadence of finding good people, it becomes much less of a headache.”
  • “The toughest part about virtual outside of like the culture and the bonds that you create with people that you work with, that you miss when you’re virtual is that quick exchange of information.”
  • “People buy from people they never buy from businesses.”


  • When bringing a product to a market, you must focus on education. But it will be expensive since you’ll need to educate people and convince them to change their habits.
  • If you do everything right in a market being created, it will be a wonderful feat to achieve because you’re the first to successfully build a company in that market.
  • CEOs need to put their egos aside. Once you’ve found the right person to hire, you just let them go. After that, they’ll take off and do what they do best. There shouldn’t be a problem if you qualify them correctly.
  • You must start over if your business is disrupted and no one knows who you are. However, starting to market yourself will boost your efforts and benefit your current company because customers will come to know and trust you.
  • You must always be present if you want to succeed as a marketer. Additionally, quality matters, but so does consistently showing up.


9:59 – Scott’s Background
11:44 – The start of his Company
18:15 – Benefits of the Vitamin Patch
21:59 – Hiring the Right Hire
28:23 – Working Set-up for Employees
31:34 – Elon Musk on Twitter
36:02 – Advice for Small Business Owner
41:19 – Rewriting the Playbook
42:52 – Recommendation for Creating a Linkedin
46:30 – Scott’s Newsletter
49:31 – Efficiency in Content Creating
54:32 – Get in touch with Scott


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