Why Conversion Rate Optimization Matters with Simon Girardin

Do you have a website? Have you ever thought of what your customer feels while using it? Most business owners create a website and leave it as it is without updating and optimizing it, affecting the customer journey and decreasing customer flow. But with conversion rate optimization, you can increase the quality of the customer journey and have a unique outlook that will surpass your competitors. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Simon Girardin shares the benefits of CRO and how it affects the growth of your business, the current bottlenecks, and some quick conversion tactics.


  • One of the vital aspects of business is to bring your customers to you, but with the use of websites and social media, how do you ensure your customers will come? Discover the methods and tactics to secure the flow of customers in your business.
  • Simon Girardin, a CRO consultant, recognizes the relevance of research, testing, and the process of CRO for your business to grow. With most clients looking for a business website before deciding, it is critical to ensure that your website is optimized and up to date. To create a quality customer journey that will lead to a large flow of customers.


  • “CRO is all about establishing a process in the business, developing a mindset, having different optics, and kind of creating disempower environments and setup so that your business grows.”
  • “It’s important to understand who their customers are and what kind of things they’re in.”
  • “If you provide pricing and are transparent, you start developing that trust, so these customers will come because the trust is already established.”
  • “Content speaks for yourself. And it’s kind of also your offline sales representative. You don’t have to hire anyone on the website when the website is clear on itself.”
  • “What do you offer as a company, whatever it is, is a solution to something. When you start positioning it like this, you can start having an emotional load in your message. ”


  • The Internet is so easily accessible nowadays. Thus, a website, social media, or any other online platform will be part of your business’s entire customer journey.
  • The customer journey is intricate. But, when we’re inside a company, we have so much knowledge that we have blind spots. And we need to recognize that customers have a different level of information than we do.
  • You need proper access and method to escape the sea of sameness. And the best way to do it is to take one step at a time, which is where CRO comes in.
  • If your competitors are completely unrelated but substitute competitors offer prices or provide more clarity than you do, you leave customers with doubts and anxieties.
  • You would be so far ahead of the game if you could change the information on your website to serve your ideal prospect as the solution rather than the features.


4:42 – Simon’s Background
6:41 – B2B in CRO
8:23 – Website Conversion Optimization
12:05 – Comprehensive Research Process
13:21 – Importance of Naming of Buttons
15:30 – The Current Bottlenecks
21:49 – Quick Conversion Tactics
28:02 – Pricing on the Website
33:53 – Addressing Pain Points
38:32 – Get in touch with

Simon Girardin Linkedin: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/simongirardin
Simon’s Company Website: https://conversionadvocates.com/

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