Have you ever wondered what you’ve been doing wrong that you aren’t selling anything?

Have you been struggling to sell? Most sellers only focus on the products and services they are offering. They often forget to focus on their potential clients. You should focus on helping your clients by offering products or services that would help solve their problems. You must become their trusted adviser, coach, or guide. Tune in on Dominate Your Market podcast as Ted Olson talks about building trust and confidence with your customers in order to improve your technique and increase your sales.


People will buy from you if they see that your product or services are something that they need. As a seller, your buyer must trust you. Help them with their buying and decision journey.

Ted Olson is an entrepreneur and sales consultant who helps individuals and companies develop sales strategies. Additionally, he wrote a book entitled “Feel Good About Selling,” which is a book about how to improve sales and avoid habits that hurt them. Ted shares some insights and tips on how to improve your sales.


  • “Most sellers are not thinking about the prospect. From their perspective, they’re focused on their products and services. The customers feel that, so they are not positioning themselves well.”
  • “You need to help people with their buying and decision journey. Help them feel confident with their decision.”
  • “If you are in a competitive landscape that sort of everyone has a general idea of the price, you might want to get it out there.”
  • “We have to help sellers realize that they are trusted advisers, coaches, and a guide. They are not the hero of this story. You want to make your prospect a hero, you want to put the sword in their hands so they can slay the dragon.”
  • “People will go to great lengths to not feel fear, even to the point of inaction because it’s safer.”


  • One of the problems of a seller is how they focus more on their products and services. This isn’t right. You should be focusing on your customers and become a trusted guide that provided them with the solution or help they needed.
  • A seller must become a buyer’s trusted adviser, coach, and guide that would help them.
  • Even if your product’s the best in the market, if the buyers don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. You have to stand out and show them you’re different from others.


2:55 – Introduction to the Podcast and the Guest

6:12 – Seller’s Struggles

8:23 – Urgency in Closing a Deal

11:37 – Change

14:17 – Sales process

16:44 – Fear

19:22 – Happy Ears

26:30 – All about the book

29:13 – Market share strategy


LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/tedolson/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/tedolson

Ted Olson’s Book Website – https://feelgoodaboutselling.com/

Feel Good About Selling Book on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Feel-Good-About-Selling-Integrity/dp/0988535270 

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