Social Selling Tips to Boost Your Business with Timothy Hughes

Social media has provided a platform for brands and enterprises to interact with their customers. However, you can leverage them to find and convert important leads rather than only nurturing current customer connections. Tune in to the Dominate Your Market Podcast as Timothy Hughes discusses why businesses should consider social selling and how it may help them. Consider how social media can significantly increase the effectiveness of your organization and provide you with a significant competitive advantage.

You could miss out on potential advertising channels if you have not considered expanding your current social media approach.

Timothy Hughes is a best-selling author, content developer, influencer, and content sales expert. Tim is the co-founder and CEO of DLA Ignite, following a 25-year career in sales and leadership roles with firms including Oracle, Fujitsu, Sysco, and others. Tim Hughes has contributed to the creative economy through his social media networks in social and digital selling, digital marketing, leadership, and management.


  • “We must understand what digital means and the relevance to that being. It means going back to understanding that social media is social media, which means being social or media.”
  • “If you want to find modern buyers, stop being in the physical analogue world and move to the digital world.”
  • “Be where your ideal customer hangs out.”
  • “Conversations drive sales.”


  • The world has dived into the digital world, so businesses have increased chances of increasing sales, finding audiences, and discovering connections if they take advantage.
  • Knowing your target consumers and customers is also essential to determine the best platform to launch or promote a business.
  • Use social media to establish that warm connection and convert digital friends into real-life connections.


6:38 – Timothy Hughes’ Background
15:51 – Twitter and Digital Relevance
24:05 – Personal LinkedIn Brand
33:20 – Conversations and Sales
38:40 – Smarketing
46:18 – Get in touch with Timothy


Timothy Hughes Website: DLA Ignite
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Smarketing: How to Achieve Competitive Advantage through Blended Sales and Marketing – On Amazon
Timothy’s LinkedIn:

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