The Importance of Customer Research and Finding Out What People Really Think With Tom Herman

Did you really know your customers? Businesses tend to think that they know their customers well, but they do not. Overlooking this problem will surely affect your business negatively, and it may lead to its downfall. You can avoid this by simply investing in customer research and basing your decisions on actual data and intelligence. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Tom Herman shares how businesses should focus more on customer research and base their decisions on actual intelligence. Watch how you will realize what leaders should do in decision-making and learn what the most important thing for businesses is.


Business revolves around customers. And many businesses know their customers well. But little did they know that customer behavior changes affect your sales. Discover how researching your customer is a good investment.

Tom Herman, the founder of Veda Intell, knows that over the years, customer behaviors are changing. Depending on how a business knows its customers will dictate where it will go; its eithier goes up or down. Now is the moment to invest in customer research and deliver the best experience your customer can get.


  • “It comes down to making decisions based on actual intelligence, not opinions, assumptions, and best guesses.”
  • “There’s no excuse for not knowing your customer.”
  • “How do you serve your customer well if you don’t know your customer well?”
  • “If you don’t understand your customer, it will affect your company in many different ways, not just marketing.”
  • “It’s not necessarily the product or service you’re selling. It’s the outcome.”


  • You must watch out as a leader in an organization not to let speculation and presumptions determine your course of action. That is all there is to it.
  • Everyone should invest in market research, and It is possible to achieve. Strangely, such a crucial component for business was disregarded by some companies and left unattended.
  • To enable their teams to realize the company’s vision, leaders should provide them with the required knowledge, skills, and insights. If you’re not doing that, that’s a serious leadership error.
  • It’s research; it’s not rocket science. Since it isn’t the most expensive item in the world, investing in it is worthwhile.
  • It’s really all about getting the customers to their destination in a way that suits them without putting too much pressure on them or making them work too hard.

5:41 – Tom Herman Background
12:07 – Decisions Based on Actual Intelligence
16:25 – Investment in Research
19:58 – Most Important Thing in Business
25:01 – Less Than 45 Days
30:04 – The Software Company
40:02 – Best Customer Experience
44:48 – Get in touch with Tom

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