Why an Effective Persuader Starts with Authenticity with Trevor van Woerden

LinkedIn has existed for years. It has accumulated change over time. Contents are changing and becoming more personalized. It is opening up to a lot more opportunities. People also have their own preferences on what they want to see on LinkedIn. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Trevor van Woerden shares how you can leverage LinkedIn for your business and how your team members can help in your business.

LinkedIn has been used widely as a form of communication, promotion, and others. But have you ever wondered how you can make use of it for your business?

Trevor van Woerden has been in the selling industry for over 25 years. He has proven his skills in the field. He promotes the use of LinkedIn to increase engagement on your business. Most people don’t know how to use LinkedIn. They sometimes end up doing pitch slapping which people do not like. It’s time to change your ways and improve your engagement through the LinkedIn platform.


  • “The lesson to the CEO is to look at your what your action is on LinkedIn and ask yourself that question: “Am I talking to my customer about their pain and how they’re going to solve it?””
  • “Listen to your team members. They are hearing what’s actually happening, hearing what the customers are actually saying, hearing what the pain points are. Discover that and use that as an Intel, as audience intelligence gathering.”
  • “I still want to know who you are, I want to know what your challenges are, I want to know what your successes are, and so on. I don’t just want to hear about your company.”
  • “As a CEO, you have people who are willing to affiliate because you’re employing them. They will do that, but they need you to give them room to be authentic. Let them talk about their own stories. As they do that, your customers are going to reveal their problems are going to reveal their complaints and all that.”


  • If you don’t give your team members the freedom for them to share their ideas, then you might be losing an opportunity to grow
  • LinkedIn changed over the years, including its contents. There is also an increase in the opportunities it offers.
  • LinkedIn 2.0 refers to the idea of a social network that gives you the opportunity to communicate and make friends.
  • Your team members are the ones who usually interacts with your consumers; hence, they know what the customers think and feel.
  • Let your team members have their own strategy in contacting a customer, they know what they are doing.

3:01 – Trevor van Woerden Background
5:50 – People in the Organization
11:25 – Changes in LinkedIn
19:02 – LinkedIn 2.0
21:50 – What Businesses can do to Leverage LinkedIn
26:44 – Pitch Slapping
29:18 – Post Slap
32:09 – Hotness Unleasher Show

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