Create a Successful Food Business Strategy for Long Term Success with Will Nitze

Purchasing goods online is a huge deal. Every minute, hundreds of things are sold online, and the majority of these products are subpar. That’s where you come in with your one-of-a-kind product. You have an opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition, persuade them to buy your goods, and convert them into devoted consumers. Tune in to the Dominate Your Market Podcast as Will Nitze discusses how businesses should focus on branding and understanding the niche, what customers want and need, and how to connect with them.


What distinguishes your product from others, and how will you persuade consumers to buy it? Learn how customers select and purchase your items.

Will Nitze is the founder and CEO of IQBAR, a Boston-based brain, and body nutrition firm. After studying psychology as an undergraduate at Harvard, Will became interested with the human brain and how it operated. Then, in his mid-20s, he started experiencing chronic brain problems, including regular headaches, which he blamed on his high-carb diet. He experienced significant cognitive improvement by removing staples from his diets such as bread and spaghetti!


  • “We’re still trying to figure out the existential question of “who are you?” and “why are you special?”
  • “You have to have six or seven different messaging schemas based on all of your Omni channel nodes, which is difficult.”
  • “I believe I could do better in the world of human capital; team building, selecting the right people, and motivating them in the right way.”
  • “You have to accept hardship to some extent, which 99% of people do not.”


  • Commit to discovering who you are and what distinguishes you and your product from the competition.
  • Customers are drawn to your messaging. Understand how to effectively and efficiently deliver your message.
  • Invest in your employees as a business owner. Motivate them to be a better version of themselves by inspiring them with your motivation to reach your goal.
  • Everything you do in marketing, sales, service, and support, as well as value realization, should be connected with a marketing engagement strategy.
  • Work smarter rather than harder. Everyday hardship is unavoidable, but it does not have to be terrible all of the time.


8:47 – Will Nitze’s Background

12:40 – Kickstarter

13:58 – Tips for Starting a Business

20:29 – Consumer Wants and Needs

24:18 – Brand Message

30:24 – Is there anything you would do differently?

32:46 – Importance of Effort

35:15 – Would you have started this company back then?

40:45 – Difficulties in Startups

48:46 – Get in touch with Will


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