Leaders in Management: Identify Your Blindspots and Triggers With Joshua Miller


What mindset do successful people have? You may wonder what successful people have for them to achieve success. Looking at them, the most common trait they have in similarity is their mindset, precisely the mentality of being intentional. Having this mindset means visualizing and speaking the things you want and acting to mold that visualization into reality. So if you want to be successful, practice having the mindset of intentionality. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Joshua Miller shares what leaders should shift their focus on with the current problems in the industry. Understand how the law of intentionality will create a path toward a successful life.


Being a leader is indeed a challenging task. Therefore, maintaining a healthy mentality and well-being is required. Also, having the right mindset is crucial to obtain success, so what mindset do you need in order to do so? Discover how having an intentional mindset will be one of the formulas to attain success.

Joshua Miller, a master certified executive, personal coach, and thought leader, learned that successful people all have the mindset of being intentional, wherein you need to imagine, speak, and take action on the things you are interested in. So now is the time to reflect on yourself and shift to a mindset towards success.


  • “Being 40 so far has been amazing because you get to enjoy the benefits of what you’ve worked on your whole life. And as a coach working with leaders, you draw on your wisdom from your experiences.”
  • “Take care of your well-being, and maintain a healthy mentality and wellness.”
  • “There are four quadrants of life we all are challenged with: our wellness, our career, our finances, and our relationship to self and others.”
  • “The common thread to the successes of people I’ve worked with has been their mindset, specifically about having a vision and a focus. You could call it to mind mapping, or you can call it a mantra, but it is about visualizing and speaking into existence what you want.”
  • “Fear can be motivating, or it can be paralyzing. And so it will stop you in your tracks, or it will move you forward.”


The longer your experience is, the bigger your pool of knowledge will be. So just enjoy your life and accumulate experience as much as possible.

With the current problems leaders have to deal with, such as the great resignation, they must prioritize giving attention to their mental health and well-being.

It doesn’t matter who you are, everybody will be challenged based on the four quadrants of life.

All successful people, like athletes and singers, have the mindset of being intentional. But this is not just about writing it down and speaking it. You have to take action.

Fear can either motivate or paralyze you. So take control of your fear, and use that as motivation to keep you moving forward.


10:34 – Joshua Miller Background

17:15 – What Leaders Should Focus On Currently

20:50 – Four Quadrants of Life

22:44 – CEO’s Fitness and Nutrition

26:10 – Mindset of a Good Leader

30:59 – What Holds People Back

33:41– Red Carpet

35:37 – Get in touch with Joshua



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