What does success look like to you?

Is it having more money? Have nicer toys? Recognition? Admiration?

Having a success mindset is not as hard as you think. It’s a choice! No one but YOU can decide. Once you decide, you must take ACTION.

Without action… success won’t happen.

I’m a big believer in gaining knowledge on a daily basis. Napoleon Hill has some amazing books on success. One of my favorites is Law Of Success. The other book that is a must-have is Think And Grow Rich, which should be at the top of your list.

Online Questionnaire

Please select between 1-5 for the questions below. 1 being no, 5 being definitely.

How strong is your desire for success?
How resilient are you?
Are you coachable?
Do you set goals?
How committed are you to achieving a goal?
Are you an action-taker?
Are you persistent?
Do you rely on yourself for your success?

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If you scored 32 or below, you may need an accountability partner or coach.
If you scored 32 or above you should feel you are in a good place, but maybe still want more.

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