Surviving A Recession and Thrive Afterward with Brent Burgesser

What if one day you wake up in a financial hole because you didn’t manage your assets properly? It is very important for business owner to manage their finances wisely so as not to become bankrupt. After all, the key factor that will determine your financial future is not the economy but your own philosophy. Tune in as Brent Burgesser talks about his life and battle with cancer along with very useful advice regarding financial management in your business in the Dominate Your Market Podcast!

It is crucial that business owner is able to manage their finances wisely because it is what makes a successful business model. Mismanagement of a business’ income could lead to disastrous results.

Brent Burgesser is a survivor of stage four lung and brain cancer and is in remission for one and a half years. He is also a successful wealth manager who has a ton of passion for what he does. He has also demonstrated a history in the financial services industry, making him an experienced private wealth advisor. His skills in retirement planning, financial goals, tax planning, financial advisory, and portfolio management have helped many of his clients with their struggles.


  • “You can set things up prior to actually pulling the trigger and selling your business. If you set it up correctly, you can save yourself millions of dollars.”
  • “Establishing that routine and becoming more focused on the things that you have to embed into your practice every day until they become a habit.”
  • “Be grateful, be thankful, and go do something to take care of your health.”
  • “That’s my nature, that’s my personality: to fight. I fight for what I believe in, for what I stand up for.”
  • “When the market’s going up, you’re gonna make a lot of money and you’re really going to like me, but when the market goes down, you’re gonna love me.”


  • Never give up on challenges in life. You might end up with a completely different view of it after you overcome the obstacles.
  • Always get yourself checked whenever you feel something is wrong.
  • Do not take your health for granted.
  • Make time and focus on the more important things in life.
  • Even if the odds are against you, fight.

5:14 – Brent’s Early Life and Background
14:52 – Walking Miracle
17:29 – Financial Security and Biggest Mistakes
21:53 – Economy and Inflation
23:35 – Routines
30:53 – Success in Investments
33:48 – Putting Things Into Perspective
40:22 – Get in Touch with Brent

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