LinkedIn is a platform that we might be familiar with. It is being used by various people and businesses. This can be used in the promotion of your business, or simply meeting new people. If you are someone who wants to try LinkedIn, then this is for you. Tune in to Dominate Your Market Podcast with today’s guest, Tasleem Ahmad Fateh. He is a personal branding and content expert. Listen as he discusses all of LinkedIn, especially how to use it and how you should be posting your content.

Nowadays, LinkedIn is being used for promotion that helps increase exposure and presence to your brands – may it be personal or business type. It can also be used to engage and interact, which gives you the opportunity to meet new people.
Tasleem Ahmad Fateh is a personal branding and content expert. He focuses on studying all about content and design strategies that can help increase your posts’ engagement. An increase in your post’s engagements can open up a lot of opportunities for your brand. However, you should make sure that your strategies will benefit you and at the same time projects the person you truly are.



4:49 – Tasleem Ahmad Fateh Background
9:07 – Leaving the corporate world and utilizing LinkedIn
18:26 – Discover and Explore
20:39 – Tasleem’s Health Scare
25:14 – Persona Wavelengths
29:54 – Why you should care about LinkedIn
33:38 – Ghostwriting
41:02 – Free course & Promoting Himself
55:49 – Get in touch with Tasleem

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